Saturday, January 5, 2013

Just a Friday in Amsterdam

Did you know that Amsterdam has little streets in the centre of the city that hardly have any traffic, potted plants in front of every house and unexpected little shops where you can see an artist through the shopwindow, cutting leather to make a new handbag?

I called a friend after visiting the hospital on friday (no, nothing serious going on), and we spend the afternoon in the city. We had a great time!

I bought some wonderful fat quarters at this quiltshop for some doll dresses or perhaps something for a bear?
Tea and fresh warm bread to eat, a lot of talking, and a rather large artstore (according to Carla 'not the biggest, but it has the essentials') which had some new Sminck pastels for me  - and I managed (though with great difficulty) to keep my wallet closed at the sight of some gorgeous plates with little flowers on them... All in all a very nice day!

ps - and yes, there are bikes everywhere!

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